Saturday, November 22, 2014

Traveling and Baptizing

A little bit of everything happened this week. 

The new office couple of senior missionaries came to the mission on tuesday. Unfortunately we didn´t realize we would need to make space for them untill monday afternoon. We quickly looked around the office for tools, tables, deviders and things, made a couple different plans, and finally remodled the office. It looks worse but it fits more so we settled.

On Tuesday we prepared for the trip down south to Temuco. 

On Wednesday we had the baptisimal inteview with Vanessa. We got to the Bishop´s house who was going to give us keys to the chapel but he wasn´t home nor did he answer his phone. So we went to the councelors house and the same thing happened, he wasn´t there and he didn´t answer his phone. That happened with 2 other families who have keys. In the end we didn´t have keys so we just walked to the closest park and they did the interview on the bench. It was a little weird but in the end, she passed the interview.

That night we stayed up late loading up the van with stuff for the trip. We again filled it until it literaly couldn´t fit anything else. 

On thursday we left early and headed down South through Angól, Los Sauces, Traiguén and ended up in Temuco. We got stuff done there and slept in house of Elder Anderson and Herron. It was going to be a little reunion party but we all have to do verification calls.

On Friday we had our baptism. The service started at 7:00 pm but we still had a bunch of stuff to do in Temuco. We got up early drove around, bought stuff, fixed beds, drove through Carahue and Chol Chol (really pretty, I recomend googling pictures of it) and finished doing repairs in Traiguén at 3:00. Normally it takes about 4 hours to get from Traiguén to Concepción so if there was traffic we would miss the baptisimal service of Vanessa. As worried as we were, all we could do is start driving. I don´t know how it happened but we got to Concepción at 5:45, just in time to take a shower, get in our suits and finish preparations for the service. 

The Baptism was the best I have seen here in Chile. Tons of people came, the talks were great, and everything was very spiritual. It even brought another investigator that came to tears. In a good way of course.

Today for pday we went to Parke Lota and looked around the musium for a while then went to some ruins of an old factory on the beach. The same ruins that, if you remember, I played paintball at about a year ago. Weird.

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