Saturday, November 15, 2014


In the city of Lebu, most of the men who live there work as fishermen. They get in teams, go down south, catch a bunch of fish, then come back up to Lebu to process it all. One of the more rare fishes they catch is swordfish. When they take out the meat they are left with a giant sword thing which they then add a handle to and sell them for pretty cheap. During my entire time in Lebu I looked for one of these swords and couldn´t find one. Yesterday we were dropping off a washing machine and stuff in Lebu and when we were grabbing some lunch I found the place that sells them. It is a small hut right on the beach. Long story short, now I have one of the coolest, most hard core swords ever! And they only cost 15,000 pesos (about $30). Bad news is that it doesn´t fit in my suitcase nor do I think it´s legal to import it but I´ll see If I can send it in a package.

That's probably not that interesting for you guys but it was quite the achievement for me.

On wednesday we had an appointment with Vanessa to make sure she was ready to be baptized on Saturday. When we were walking up the stairs to the chapel an older man called out to us then ran up to greet us. He then continued to question me about "that blue book" that I had in my hand. We wrote down his address but he insisted on us teaching him right there and then. We entered the chapel thinking about how we could two things at once. While walking down the hall we found 3 of the single adults studying together in one of the rooms. I asked for their help and immediately they had their scriptures at the ready to do splits and help us teach both of them. That is one of the benefits of having 6 return missionaries in their early 20s in your ward.

The lesson with Vanessa was awesome. I would say it was the most spiritual lesson I´ve had. There is nothing cooler than seeing the results of real testimony building. But the next day when we tried to call her to set up some details with the baptismal service she wouldn´t answer. This continued until last night when she said she needs to wait a week. It´s kind of a bummer but we are all sure she will go through with it eventually. 

Besides that this week has been just as busy as the others. I don´t know what changed but all of a sudden it´s getting really hard to balance all the work in the office and the proselyting. We are having a ton of success in San Pedro but the office is getting really unorganized because we are never there. yet everyone still tells us that we need to be out of the office more. I´m just glad that i´m learning this in the mission where nothing that bad can happen. Well, not THAT bad.

Today I´m going to finish my BYU Provo/Hawaii application. Cross your fingers!

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