Monday, June 9, 2014


This week we have been working a lot with Aurora. Everyday we pass by her house but everyday there is something happening. The first time we came in and they were all crying. I´m not sure exactly what happened but it had to do with her kid and school so we shared a scripture and they felt better. Another day her uncle had open heart surgery and his caretaker bailed so she left after 2 minutes. On Friday her dog was dying of some kind of fever thing so she needed help holding it down while she shaved its leg and started an IV. On Saturday we could finally talk to her and she told us that she committed to god that she wasn´t going to smoke and just stopped. Today is day 5. We also did a pre-interview and she knew everything because she read her mom´s pamphlets. So she gets baptized with one of her kids this Saturday. 

So that's been our focus this week, besides that we found a couple new families. One family of 4 was really hesitant to let us in and when we got in they told us that they only want to listen but nothing else. So we quickly shared our message of prophets and an unchanging god and they lit up. It was the biggest change I have seen in so little time. A couple days later we watched a video about the book of Mormon and when we gave them one, they couldn´t believe it. They were so excited that they gave us a bag of Sopaipillas.

I´ve started using Mormon messages a lot more in my teaching. There are some really good ones. The best are "origin" "the will of god" and "testimony of the book of mormon." Look them up on

The weather continues being crazy. The streets continue being flooded. I´m going to get really good at handling storms by the end of my mission.

For pday we went to the mall. We also went to a bookstore which made me super excited to read books in spanish after my mission.

That´s it for the week. Love you guys!

Elder Thompson

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