Monday, June 16, 2014

Me Voy?

Happy Fathers day!!!

Too much happened this week. So sorry if my thoughts are a little scattered.

First, I started to study some of the stuff that Rachel was studying and wow. The only thing I can say is how thankful I am to be here on earth. The more deeply I learn about god and my relationship with him, the more I realize how many things I have to be thankful about. 

This week we also continued with the constant struggle with Aurora and Samantha. But in the end they got baptized on Saturday! Woo! They were so incredibly happy, and so incredibly nervous. But they did it and it was worth every minute of studying, visiting, planning, and teaching. When we were filling up the font, we realized that there were thousands of ants on the walls and in the water. It was a very slow process to clean it all out but we did it in the end. Also, one of our investigator families came to the baptism and they loved it. They also asked a lot of questions about how Aurora came to this point of baptism. I´m pretty sure they are next.

On Friday we had a giant conference of all the 250 missionaries in this mission to say goodbye to president Martinez. It´s pretty sad to see him go but it will be interesting to see how things change. It was also really cool to see all of my friends that I haven't seen in a while So in the end, it was a good day. Also Chile won the soccer game against Australia in the MundiĆ”l the same day!

This morning I was about to make pancakes to celebrate the week and the baptism but I got a call from the mission office. It looks like I was chosen a while ago to work in the mission office during the transfer of the new mission President. So basically my whole life has changed. I have to be in ConcepciĆ³n tomorrow at lunch time. From then on, If someone in the mission has a problem with their house, with legal stuff, with money, with visas, or other things, they call me or my companion and we have to fix it. I hear it is pretty stressful but I am super excited. I am going to have to learn how to do a ton of stuff and have to learn a ton of Spanish. I will also get to travel the mission. In a car!

So next week I imagine I´ll have some cool stories to tell.

Elder Thompson

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