Saturday, June 28, 2014

New President

I only have like 10 minutes to write because I have to drive down to the south and back today. 
Thanks for all the birthday wishes/reminders! I almost forgot I have a birthday. I got to the office and the assistants, senior missionaries and president made a big breakfast with cake so I can say it was well celebrated.

Earlier this week we did a big travel through the whole mission fixing up the houses. I was very surprised how beautiful Chile is. I have always been in cities near the coast but we had to go up in the mountains and it was amazing.

After traveling we had to scramble to get everything ready for the new president. It was a sad moment but we said our goodbyes to President Martinez. I also got to be there when President Bluth and his wife arrived at the airport. I am really excited to work with them. And even more excited that his last name is Bluth.

Like Rachel said, South America is going crazy because of Mundial. For example, there are some people painting the kitchen in the office today and at the same time they are watching the Chile game on their phone. Good thing they aren't hourly.

This week our office trainers are going back to the field so we will be doing this alone. I imagine it will get pretty crazy.

Ok, we have to go. 

Love you guys!


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